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Bridge Trust USA's primary Bible College project has historically used a semi-distance-learning model to educate 500 pastor/teachers at 9 locations across Bangladesh in four accredited levels: Certificate, Diploma, B.Th., and M.A. Graduates who serve as pastor-teachers among followers of Jesus, study part-time, and attend a weekly class for each module being studied. Over the past 3 years, numbers have been reduced because of financial pressure.   

The COVID-19 Virus has changed the way the college can run, and has enabled more students to study. Mr. John Osborne, a 40 year missionary with New Zealand Baptist Mission and a CPA, is assisting the college principal and staff in preparing on line programs of study.  Almost everyone in Bangladesh has a cell phone, so can access classes streamed online. So 500 students can again be enrolled in 2020.   This is a huge answer to prayer!  But costs will increase again when face-to-face classes can be resumed.

Funding targets

2020       $150,000 ($300 per student)


2021       $180,000 ($350 per student)

Why Bible Colleges?​

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