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BTUSA is a Christian faith-based organization which supports the education of Christian ambassadors, educators, diplomats, pastors, and social workers.  In Muslim contexts, the Trust supports ministerial training and Bible teaching.  In the Academy, the Trust supports research and writing on the interface between Islam and Christianity, as well as promoting educational projects in which Muslims and Christians learn together.

Statement of Faith


The basis of faith of Bridge Trust USA is,

"the Christian Faith in accordance with the historic creeds and reformation confessions, acknowledging the human and divine Jesus and accepting the Bible as the trustworthy, final authority."

Vision Statement


In Islamic contexts: transforming Muslim and Christian relationships through teaching the Bible in Christian seminaries.  


In Western contexts: transforming Muslim and Christian relationships by shared academic study and following the example of Jesus.

Communities We Support


In Islamic contexts: Communities of Muslim background believers in Jesus (MBBs) studying the Bible for ministry. 

In Western contexts:

A unique learning and teaching community which welcomes Muslims in a context of Christian hospitality.

Outcomes We Support 


Equipping leaders, resourcing scholars developing biblically based thinking at the intersection of Islam and Christianity.

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